Wednesday, 2 September 2009

136 Dunluce Avenue - An appraisal

Last week I read in a magazine that after a break up it's good to emote. And that a study (I understand this "study" could be balls like a lot of things used to qualify an arguement) showed people who talked about break ups and why faired better in the long run both in terms of emotional and physical health.

Don't worry, me and my sweet honey pie are going strong but I've just moved into my new house and I'm now about to give an appraisal of the people who I shared living quarters with in Dunluce Avenue and why a house that I felt happy to move into turned into a house I was happy to leave.

This is a list of the people I lived with in a rough order of who was there when I moved in and who moved in after someone left, though I'm not saying who left and when or why.

Conor - Conor was a decent guy. It was him that I met when I was viewing the house. He seemed like a fun enough guy that liked things to run smoothly. This proved a fair enough character sketch. Conor was a dead on sort but he'd tell you if he'd a problem about something in a fair and reasonable way (he didn't slag people off behind their back).

Gary - Gary was happy enough as long as he could do his thing. He didn't hassle people and he liked to get pissed once in a while. Though he couldn't be relied upon to pay his internet on time or if there was tension in the house. He seemed to go with the crowd which I don't fault him for. He just wanted a place to live and keep out of the politics.

Jerome - Jerome pretty much kept himself to himself and I never really got to know him.

Claudia - Claudia and me could clash about things and at times I went from not liking her at all to thinking she was good fun. She was someone you could have an interesting chat with if you were both in the kitchen or the living room at the same time.

Lorna - I never hit it off with Lorna, we got on okay here and there but again like Gary she went with the crowd and didn't really consider the whole picture. Very bad at buying gas when it was her turn or washing her dishes.

Julie - Moved in after someone moved out. We got on well even though we were two different sort of people.

Dawn - Alright but I never got to know her.

Rodney - Very bad at paying bills and not the best conversationalist. Wouldn't have been much trouble if he hadn't been made a target by other housemates. Let's be honest - a spide (townie if you're english, ned if you're a scot).

Gemma - Two faced. Liked to be nice to people's faces and phone the landlord behind their back. Thought a whitebored [sic] was cool and a bit "friends".

Tom - A bore. No visable friends and someone who very much liked to whine and stir trouble. Turned small managable problems into big ones that needed talked about (perhaps he had nothing else to talk about). You know at the end of Glengarry Glenross when Pacino just inserts the word Asshole into the conversation he's having with Kevin Spacey? People have done this all Tom's life to Tom, and though Tom has understood that they were right to do so, it has still made him very bitter.

Gosia - Didn't really get to know Gosia, alright to talk to though she didn't wrap food up when she put it in the fridge. So it went off and you had to throw it out for her.

That's why I'm glad I've left Dunluce Avenue. Though here's a video I shot outside my bedroom door. The music is by Communist Defectors Will Be Shot


  1. this is a cool & strange video. nice.

  2. Thanks Johhny, I'll put up more as they get made.

  3. Feck, you lived with a lot of people. Although having lived in two houses in Dunluce, I can attest to its crapitalism.