Friday, 17 July 2009

Lost in the Forest

Just got back from visiting my folks in Ballymena with my good lady friend. It was a fun time and did not involve any bad stuff. Except one, me with my good lady friend getting lost in Glenariff Forest Park near dark. I had ran about the forest as a kid and my man ego dictated that I still knew my way.

Conversations with my good lady like:

Good Lady Friend: Are you sure this is the way?
Me: Sure, trust me on this.

were all too reminiscent of a bad remake of spooky movies like The Blair Witch Project and bad (see good) Hammer Horror.

I was just about to give up on my man ego and suggest retracing our steps, another throwback to Blair Witch, when we ran into a nice couple, another throw back to bad (see good) Hammer Horror films.

The nice couple were going our way and let us tag along. Very nice indeed, especially when it turned out that my man ego had been way off and missed the way back completely.

Once safely back though and all thoughts of Blair Witch and bad (see good) Hammer Horror films safely out of our heads we'd a nice pint in a country pub.

In retrospect our getting lost had been good for two reasons though and that was firstly, the part of the forest I'd wanted to show my sweet honey pie was down by the river when the waterfalls and the huge rocks make it look like a jungle and secondly, the heavy rains that day had washed down through peat bogs making the river look like Guinness. Really beautiful.

Though when we were walking about lost this song by The Cure was going though my head the whole time (and yes that is Robert Smith):

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