Monday, 17 August 2009

Review -Pink - Fun House

It might be obvious to some of you that I'm going to slate this song from the word go. It might seem like a cheap shot: Pink is a pop star (who acts like a rock star), this is the fourth single from her album (should have stopped at three), and some other reason I don't know. Feel free to feel that way because take a pop is exactly what I'm going to do. This song annoys me. Mostly because of the main lyric. "This used to be a fun house, but now it's full of evil clowns," I feel a dull ache in my balls when I hear this line and I think a ghost has just kneed me very hard (as hard as ghosts can) because I have let the inane line become something I am focusing on, instead of all the millions of other possibilities - hot faff or things I can steal.

Mostly it's because the lyric sounds like something that Pink had to change the original line to so it could recieve mainstream radio play. You know like Britney's latest Effort "If you seek amy" where she thought she was being smart until she had to go on TV shows all over the place with nice, innofensive, pish lyrics. (If I see Amy what? What Britney? What should I do?)

What annoys me more is that I start to try to make the lyrics make some kind of sense. I start to imagine this house where Pink used to have fun but now these "evil clowns" are wandering about the place making her feel uncomfortable (but not so much that she'd leave because the lyrics suggest she's still there despite them), where did these Clowns come from and why are they there? Why aren't they being funny like the clowns I loved at the circus as a kid? Maybe she's just trying to be cool like my mate at college who said he was scared of clowns because he'd heard Johnny Depp was scared of them? Why if they don't make Pink uncomfortable enough to leave does she feel the need to tell me about them in a song? Why Pink? Why? Anyway here's the pish tune itself, just to bug the rest of you. (BTW if any of you are dancing in front of your computers then up yours).

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  1. The "evil clowns" are used as imagery for memories. Considering the entire album is clearly about her split with her hubby.
    The entire song is basically she can't stand the house she lives in because it's so full of all the memories with her hubby.


    Not trying to knock you, I actually really like your writing!