Saturday, 15 August 2009

Searching for Prostitutes in Belfast

This is the latest video for Communist Defectors Will Be Shot. This marks a change for the group since it's our last track with Eugene Reilly. Meaning that now Communist Defectors Will Be Shot is just me. This is also the last of our collaborations with Karen Eliot (the other being The Great City of Ballymena).

How you enjoy it.

For anyone who's interested the video was shot entirely on my Samsung phone camera.


  1. You guys gigging anywhere or even doing film soundtracks? this song has a film already contained within it, great stuff!

  2. Thanks, we don't gig. Or haven't decided to yet. We had a song in a short film last year. The url's we'd love to do more, so if anyone wants to use our music just get in touch.